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How To Warm Your Heart And Toes This Winter!


February 1, 2023

In the January blog we discussed how best to work within the Traditional Chinese Medicine model to be in harmony in Winter. 

In this month's blog we'd like to discuss how to keep your heart

and toes warm as Winter marches on.  It is important to feel happy and for some of us the solitude of Winter can feel very isolating

and depressing after a few months.  Doing our inner work is great and can bring us peace and happiness.  AND, sometimes we just need a break for more light-hearted experiences.  The following

are some ideas to beat the Winter blues.


- Arts and crafts. 

If you have kids, sit down with them and

get your inner artist out.  When was the last

time you cut a paper snowflake?  If you

don't have kids or grandchildren, how about

learning to knit?  Make a hat or mittens. 

There are worthy charities that appreciate donations of homemade hats if you don't need any for yourself.


- Try some new recipes. 

Maybe you can find the perfect one for next year's Christmas cookies.  Or experiment with hot chocolate and different spices.


- Take time to write a letter to someone you know would enjoy getting actual mail.


- Valentine's Day is celebrated in February. 

If you are lucky enough to have a Valentine, do something authentic and meaningful for them rather than just because you are supposed to.  If you are not in a romantic relationship, think of others who might be alone and feeling lonely and do something nice for them like a care or thoughtful treat.


- Random Act of Kindness day is February 17th. 

Celebrate this day to help others warm their hearts, it will warm yours too.


- Put on some music and dance. 

The movement will warm you up and of course exercise creates endorphins to lift your mood.  It also helps to move energy in your body if you sing along.


- For outside exercise, go sledding or tobogganing. 

Make a snowman or snow angel.  Or go ice skating.


If you are going outside for an activity in Winter to have some exercise or play, make sure you are taking care to keep those toes warm too.  The experts (mountaineers and lumberjacks) recommend merino wool socks.  Apparently, this type of wool both repels and absorbs moisture and is best for moisture control.  They also advise that it is the fiber the sock is made of and not the thickness that is a priority.  In fact, too thick a sock in your shoe or boot can reduce the circulation in your feet!  You need to be able to wiggle those toes in your footwear.  


Lastly we would like to remind you that we

are here for you as well.  Come spend time

with us.  There is nothing like a good

pedicure to get the circulation going in your

feet and warm those toes!


Instead of our usual inspirational quotes, we decided to pass on some thoughts about Winter to hopefully give you a chuckle.  Afterall, we all know laughter is the best medicine and what better way to warm your heart. . .


Today's forecast.  "Holy crap I can't feel my face!" degrees


Welcome to Winter driving where lanes are made up and stop signs are optional


On a positive note - I haven't seen any mosquitoes


Snow. . . nature's way of putting us in a white padded room


The next time I hear the words Salt and Ice, it better be a

d---- margarita recipe!

Hand holding heart shaped paper snowflake.jpg
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