Skin Care in Wicked New England Winters


January 1, 2021

It's a new year!  Have you made any resolutions? 

Perhaps one of your resolutions includes good

winter skin care. Here are some tips to help:


New England winters are harsh on the skin - both directly and indirectly.  The cold and wind can irritate and redden skin while the many needed heat sources add to the dryness.  If you don't already have one, consider a humidifier.  Our heating systems work hard to keep our houses warm and one by-product is very dry air.  Not only do humidifiers help keep your skin from drying out as much, but the moisture in the air can make your house feel warmer.


Take shorter and warm rather than hot showers.  Taking a long, hot shower after shoveling snow feels wonderful, but costs your skin.  Blot yourself dry afterwards rather than scrubbing and immediately apply a lotion to seal moisture in.  


Blasting the defrost or heat in your car can also contribute to the drying out of your face.  Put your defrost or heat on high before you get in and turn the fan down to a lower setting while driving. However, always make sure you are safe and have clear visuals first and foremost.


Bundle up appropriately when you go out to not only protect from the cold, but also the wind.  Don't forget your sunscreen.  Even if it is overcast, the snow reflects the sun's rays making sunburns possible even in the dead of winter.  


Our manager Jess, always applies a heavy lotion to her hands and feet before she shovels snow.  This takes advantage of the gloves and socks to act like a masque and help the skin to absorb the oils.


What products you use on your body are always important.  Use more natural soaps if at all possible.  They can be less drying.  Remember, the chemicals used to create artificial fragrances can be harsh as well as questionably safe.  If you don't want any scent, choose fragrance-free as opposed to unscented as the product can still smell.  If you are looking for quality products, we carry Farmhouse Fresh lotions and Elmore Therapeutics CBD body oils as well as Roseglow CBD salt scrubs for purchase at the salon.


What you put in your body is also important.  Add more healthy fats like avocados, olive oil, and nuts to your meals to moisturize from the inside.  Monitor your coffee and alcohol intake as well.  Both are diuretics which can dehydrate you.  Drink lots of water and invest in alternative containers of glass or stainless steel to reuse and to reduce plastic waste as an additional resolution for the planet.


Taking care of your skin is not just about beauty.  Your skin is your largest organ and its care just makes good sense for your overall health.  Our salon is Body Mind Spirit because we know that we are holistic beings and one level affects all others.  Our last suggestion is to make an appointment with us for a facial.  You can choose to have the emphasis on the physical and address specific concerns or you can also just pamper yourself with a luxurious and beneficial experience.  Our facials start with a skin consultation with our esthetician who uses a loop lamp to access your skin while you are lying under a comfy blanket.  A discussion then follows as our esthetician offers options and collaborates with you on your specific desires.  


The steps of most facials are as follows.  First, a cleansing of the skin.  Then some form of exfoliation.  Extractions if needed come next (break-outs can happen in winter as skin cells are triggered to produce more oils in response to dryness).  Then a masque is applied.  While the masque is doing its work, your neck and shoulders are massaged.  Not only is this relaxing, but it stimulates the lymphatic system.  Then finally any needed serum or lotions are applied.  Depending on your choices, the whole process takes between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes and is well worth the investment in yourself.  Please remember that we offer oncology facials as well.


Have a safe, warm, healthy and moisturized winter!



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