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November 1, 2021

On Being Unique This Fall


In the UK, the first day of the third week of November (the 15th this year), is Odd Sock Day.  This movement was started in 2017 by the Anti-Bullying Alliance to mark the beginning of anti-bullying week.  Their mission is to help educate about and deter bullying in schools.  Odd Sock Day is meant to be a visual support and reminder that it is actually good to stand out. 


Why the socks?  Because traditionally if one's socks

did not match one's shoes, it was considered a

major fashion faux pas.  So by wearing colorful,

playful socks they hope to make the statement that

we can choose to and make it safe to celebrate our

unique individuality.  Who we are is more than enough and let's appreciate our differences rather than shame with hurtful comments.


Australia has an Odd Sock Day as well.  Theirs is in October and is in support of Mental Health awareness.  The philosophy behind this day is that "Anyone can have an odd sock day."  Who among us hasn't had a challenging morning or time in their life and showed up at school or work with one black and one blue sock.  Compassion and kindness from others goes a long way to helping get through those bumpy times.


World wide, November 24th is Unique Talent Day.  This is a day to celebrate what talents you have that make you unique.  And for many of us, the past year and a half of Covid with lockdowns, has forced us to be more creative.  Some of us probably discovered hidden talents we didn't know we had.  So how does one participate in Unique Talent Day?  Well, you can host a talent show with friends or possibly at work, record yourself doing your particular talent and post it on social media, or just share your talent with friends and family who have not witnessed your ability.  For those wondering why they would want to join in this event, there are multiple reasons beyond just the value of being recognized for your gifts.  (Those gifts can be as simple as burping the alphabet or creating works of art out of toothpicks!)  When we share our creativity, we not only empower ourselves, but we empower others to step out and shine as well.  Our stepping forward can share knowledge, be inspirational or motivational to many.  We all benefit when we celebrate ourselves and others for our uniqueness.  So wear playful or mismatched socks any day

and if you've been wanting to dye your hair pink, come on

in, we can help you with that. Now more than ever, after a

few really tough years, we need to come together and uplift

ourselves and others.


"Use what talents you possess, the woods would be very

silent if no birds sang there except those that sang the best."

- Henry Van Dyke


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou


"Always remember that you are absolutely unique.  Just like everyone else." - Margret Mead


"Don't try to be different.  Just try to be yourself.  Every individual is different and just being 'you' makes the difference!" -


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