Will You Be Ready?


March 1, 2021


Spring is right around the corner!  As a

reminder, now is the time to start scheduling

your appointments for waxing if you want to

be ready for the summer season.  Yes, it seems far off but the cold weather will be leaving, allowing us to shed all our heavy layers of clothing.  Will you be ready for it?  If you are contemplating whether to wax, let us educate you on the benefits of waxing rather than other hair removal systems to help you with your decision.


First and foremost, you get a smoother finished result with waxing that lasts longer than most other methods.  Here's why.  Waxing exactly pulls the hair out by the root as opposed to shaving which only cuts the hair off at the surface.  Pulling the root of the hair out deadens the follicle which has the effect of not only slowing down the regrowth, but the hair that regrows is finer and thinner.  


Then there is the time you save.  Yes, you do have to come into the salon, however, we offer a lovely, warm environment with technicians to pamper you and waxing appointments do not take long.  For best results, those appointments should be scheduled every 4-6 weeks.  How much time do you spend in the shower shaving your legs only to have stubble again the next day?  How often have you been in a hurry and nicked yourself because you were rushed performing your shaving gymnastics in the shower? 


Hair removal creams and gels claim to get longer lasting results than shaving, but do you really want to put harsh and potentially toxic chemicals on your skin?  Your skin, the largest organ of your body, is proven to absorb what is put on it, evident by the medical field making transdermal patches to administer doses of certain pharmaceuticals.  Those chemicals are at best irritating to the skin.  At Body Mind Spirit we use the brand of wax Cirepil whose ingredients list features beeswax and lanolin.  Cirepil has been producing high quality professional waxing products since 1936.


And lastly, wax acts as an exfoliant.  Not only is the hair pulled out by the root but all the dead, flaky skin cells are removed leaving you with smooth, polished summer skin.  If we have convinced you of the efficacy of waxing, here are a few final tips before your appointment.  Stop shaving 5-7 days before you come in and don't use lotion the day of your appointment.  As an additional incentive, schedule three waxing sessions and we will give you a complimentary bottle of our Lemongrass Aftershave/Skin Soother.  We add Carnelian gem elixir to give you that boost of confidence to flaunt your summer wardrobe.


Bring on summer!



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