Our Contributions Celebrating Earth Day

April 15, 2020

In these challenging times we thought it appropriate to focus on some positive!  April 22nd is Earth Day and our One year anniversary of becoming a Green Circle salon.   


As a Green Circle salon, we take the time and the energy to sort, store and ship our waste products.  All the foil from the highlights or lowlights is turned into bicycle frames or car parts.  Your hair clippings are used to manufacture sustainable plastics, commercial insulation and to fill the booms used in oil spill clean-ups and stormwater filtration.  Excess color gets taken to a chemical waste facility and is converted into clean energy.  We also use low flow faucet nozzles at our hair sinks to reduce water consumption. 

Over 877 lbs. of waste is created every single minute in salons across North America.  Designated Green Circle salons are doing something about that, recycling between 85-95% of the waste.  Green Circle’s motto is - "keeping people and the planet beautiful".  In addition, in Sept. 2019, Green Circle salons joined the B Corporation Movement.  A company must meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance to be able to be certified as part of this organization.  B Corporation Movement is a legacy of thousands of companies with a unifying goal, that being conducting business in a conscious manner and finding ways to do their share in giving back to society and the world.  Which fits right in with our philosophies at Body Mind Spirit. 


Working with the Green Circle organization in our first year we were able to have 625 lbs. of our waste and 7 lbs. of unused color recycled and repurposed rather than addingit to the dumps.  We could not do this without your support.  


In addition, we choose to carry lines that are both good for you and the planet.  For example, one of our popular lines, Kevin Murphy, is now packaging their hair products in 100% reclaimed Ocean Waste Plastic.  (OWP) They are the first beauty brand to do so.  This saves 360 tons a year of waste from being created. 


In this challenging time of being asked to isolate for the good of all, we are also reminded to go outside for our physical and mental (and we would add spiritual) well-being.  Why?  Because being in touch and in resonance with nature is healing for us all.


"Time spent among the trees is never wasted"  -anonymous


"The Earth is what we all have in common" - Wendell Berry 


"Away, away from men and towns, To the wild woods and their downs, To the silent wilderness, Where the soul need not repress its music." - Percy Bysshe Shelley 

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