Because It Matters

April 2, 2019


This April, Body Mind Spirit Salon and Day Spa has become a Green Circle Salon in honor of Earth Day.  We have joined an organization whose mission is to keep waste produced from the industry from going either into the landfill or down the drain which can eventually make its way into our water supplies.  


The Green Circle Salon program helps us to recycle an amazing 85--95% of this waste.  Color tubes and used foils are made into new metal, chemical residues are transformed into new sources of energy, hair clippings are made into pillows for international aid or into hair boons to clean up oil spills.


We wish to thank our customers for their thoughtful input with this decision.  Based on a survey sent to all our customers, over 90% of our clients have agreed that this effort to help keep the planet healthy and beautiful is a priority and are willing to contribute a small Environmental Stewardship Fee.  We have agreed to do our part by collecting, sorting, preparing and arranging for the pick-up of all the waste.


Because it matters . . . we, at Body Mind Spirit, have made it our mission to offer the best quality and least toxic products for our customers’ use.  We continue to stand by that important philosophy when it comes to the day-to-day running of Body Mind Spirit and becoming a Green Circle Salon was a natural evolution.  


As a reminder our Philosophy is:


We are a product conscious Salon and Day Spa that offers customized quality services for our clients in a relaxing and nurturing environment.


We believe that when one's outside appearance is in harmony with their inner experience, they carry that beauty out into the world and pass those qualities on.


We are committed to this level of service because we are conscious about how our products, our stylists' artistry and our therapists' craft can positively impact the individual and their world.




"One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man and nature shall not be broken” Leo Tolstoy


"The Earth will not continue to offer


hen take steps to destroy it for use by future generations."  John Paul II


Have a wonderful and happy Earth Day!

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