Raffle and Our New Location

August 16, 2018

It is August already.  Summer is winding down and we are finding ourselves yet again starting another transition period.  In Chinese 5 element medicine, there is a 5th season.  It is the shortest of them all, lasting only a few weeks.  It is late summer and corresponds to the Earth element.  The energy of the Earth element is about nourishing and nurturing.  The celebration of the harvest and taking time to pause, take stock and observe our bounty. 


For many people with families it is just about time to start thinking about back to school and that transition period.  In that spirit, we are offering a special to nourish your teens.  If you schedule a teen facial and teen haircut, you will receive 25% off each service.  Your teen will also be entered in a raffle to win a bag of retail products to keep nourishing their hair and skin as they start their fall endeavors.  The raffle will be drawn on                          .


We at Body Mind Spirit are also "celebrating our harvest".  We have moved to a new location!  We are very excited about our move as there are many benefits.  Some of the benefits include being in the center of Groton right next door to the newly opened Groton Inn.  Down town just seems to naturally bring more life and vitality to our doorstep.  The historic building we are in is really beautiful.  Moving into a new space also allowed us to completely set up a new floor plan that is not only more efficient for the business but also energetically and aesthetically pleasing to ourselves and our patrons.  The new salon/spa is spacious and airy and filled with natural light.  The make-up and hair color you see inside is the same you will see outside.  Instead of individual pedi-chairs, we now have a pedi-bench.  Besides being able to charge you devices while receiving your pedicure, you can look out the window to the lovely view of Gibbet Hill.  Our new pedicure basins are another wonderful visual treat, sparkling with iridescence and joy.  Lastly, our treatment rooms have been upgraded to allow your best possible service.


Come see us at our new location - 134 Main St. 1B.  When we have sufficiently paused and observed our harvest, we will be sure to let you know when we schedule an open house so you may come and celebrate with us.    Be well!

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