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What is Immortelle?

In its ongoing search for effective skin and hair care ingredients, the beauty industry has discovered Immortelle.

Immortelle is an oil from a plant common to the Mediterranean and used as long ago as the Ancient Greek civilization for its beneficial properties.  The name of this member of the Sunflower family that produces the Immortelle oil is Helichrysum Italicum.  Growing best in rocky, sandy, and dry soil, Helichrysum Italicum has fragrant leaves and lots of small yellow flowers growing at the end of its stalks. 


Helichrysum comes from "Helios," which is Greek for sun, and "Chrysos," which is Greek for gold.  These small, yellow flowers are also a member of a group of plants called Everlastings.  Like others in this group, the flowers will not wilt after picking.  Because of this quality, the ancient Greeks made wreaths from these flowers and used them as offerings to their gods. This quality also inspired them to discover the benefits of using the oil after battles for wound healing.


Folk medicine has also used this plant throughout the years. The dried flowers have been used as a remedy to treat respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and other coughs and to help cleanse the body of toxins. 


Today, in therapeutic aromatherapy practice, Helichrysum Italicum has many uses. Some of these are to help relieve allergy symptoms, inhibit the growth of Candida, support the liver and gallbladder, and counteract inflammation in joints and muscles.  


So why did the beauty industry become so enamored of this plant that it wanted to include it in its products? The name Immortelle is a great clue. The therapeutic compounds Italidione, Neryl acetate, L-Limonene, and Y-Curcumene in this oil have been found to have antimicrobial, antibiotic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, which means therapeutic value for the treatment and protection of skin and hair. 


For example, in terms of skincare, Immortelle helps to:

- Restore the skin's natural PH balance

- Soothe and calm inflammations caused by rosacea, acne and dermatitis

- Wipe out microbes that harm the skin

- Protect collagen and elastin   to prevent fine lines and wrinkles

- Helps to fade blemishes and age spots and evens out complexion

- Hydrates and rejuvenates the skin


Immortelle is also wonderful for hair. Heat is a major component in styling hair. Too much heat, including time in the sun, dries the hair, causing damage and making it brittle and prone to breaking. Immortelle hydrates and rejuvenates hair, strengthening the strands while protecting them from future damage. 


If you are interested in learning more about Immortelle's benefits for hair, please ask our technicians about the Young Again Kevin Murphy system carried at Body Mind Spirit, which features Immortelle.


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