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Because It Matters

Updated: Jul 1

Body Mind Spirit will be launching a new website shortly and

was asked if we wanted to change the phrase "Because it

Matters". Thought was given and the answer was an emphatic

“No.” “Because it Matters” really fits the mission of the


One way this belief plays out is in the products used and made by Body Mind Spirit. Anytime you schedule a basic pedicure, you will choose one of the two sugar (and sometimes salt) scrubs made by us.

What level of care goes into the thought process of creating one of our scrubs? To start, the essential ingredients of the scrubs are, of course, 90% or more organic. Then, we consider the season.  What are the ingredient choices that offer not only beneficial properties but also resonate with the season? For example, Fall, apples, pumpkins, and maple all qualify and are customer favorites.


Then, the focus is on essential oils. Essential oils offer benefits

on all levels. They impact the physical, mental, emotional, and

spiritual bodies through the oils absorption through the skin

and the aroma inhaled. The choice here is to complement the other ingredients while maximizing the benefits.


The last ingredient that makes us different is the use of flower essences and gem elixirs. These are vibrational or energetic essences that are added as an additional component to help boost the spiritual and emotional experience during and after a pedicure. 95% of the flower essences used and 100% of the gem elixirs are cultivated and produced by us. 

The gem elixirs are chosen from a collection thirty five years in the making, featuring unusual and hard to find crystals, minerals and gems. If you choose the Basil basic pedicure this Summer, know that the gem elixir added (Green Himalayan Quartz) is made from a stone found high in the Himalayan Mountains. Only a very small amount (less than a ton) was found. This is how unique our offering is.

When you choose our Watermelon/Spearmint basic pedicure

this Summer, you are in for a treat. The scrub is designed to

counteract the heat of Summer, offering a cooling, thirst-

quenching experience for your skin. Watermelon, packed with

antioxidants, defends the skin from environmental stressors,

decreases the effects of sun damage, and speeds up skin cell

turnover. The high lycopene content helps to boost collagen

production. The Spearmint essential oils' cooling action is a

balm to hot, tired, achy feet and legs. Its aroma can both relax

and uplift one's spirits. Lastly, the pink and green tourmaline

pay homage to a watermelon while providing a gentle

emotional tonic for the heart chakra. It's a complete package of

skin and soul rejuvenation.

So now, hopefully, you can appreciate even more how

committed we are to our mission statement.  Because it

matters, we also use Farmhouse Fresh products in our pedicure

experiences.  Look for an upcoming blog to learn more about

this inspiring company.

"When life gives you lemons, have a lemonade while getting a

pedicure" - Yottled

"Pedicures are the cures for everything.  That's why they're called pedi-CURES." -

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