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Beards Say A Lot - And We Have A Lot To Say About Beards!

This month we decided to do a blog geared to men. Our topic is beards - why choose to grow a beard and just some basic information about them.

So, why should you consider growing a beard? What are the benefits? There actually are many reasons. One reason is protection. If you live or work in colder climates, a beard offers your face and neck protection from the cold. And no red, raw, chafed skin from the wind. In warmer climates, depending on the thickness of your hair growth, a beard can offer your skin some protection from sunburn, dehydration and premature aging.

No daily shaving anymore. Yes, beards still require care including trimming, but the daily shave is no longer a consideration for your morning routine and preparation for the day. That saves time. Also no nicks, abrasions or risk of infections from razor cuts.

Beards can be a reflection of your style. Whether you go long or clipped short, they can show off your individuality. They can also help to camouflage any imperfections you might feel you have.

One of the biggest reasons for considering a beard is attractiveness. Some statistics show that more women are attracted to beards than not. One study conducted concluded that men with beards were perceived as more confident, more generous and more trustworthy, rather than just more masculine which is a very common belief. In fact in many cultures world-wide, a beard on a man has been historically associated with power and strength.

To the Vikings (living in a very cold climate), their beards were much more than just common sense. Known for their ferocity, one wouldn't think that special attention and care for their beards would be a priority, yet it was. They are reported to have had a special day celebrating beards. So it is interesting that in 2010, a pair of bearded brothers from Scandinavia decided that there needed to be a day regularly dedicated to this celebration of beards. Thus, World Beard Day was born. Every first Sat. in September, there are festivals and competitions to note the occasion. You can participate in this day with #WorldBeardDay on social media.

Now that you have decided to grow a beard, how best to start and what is helpful to know? Start with routine skin care for healthier skin. Dirt and dead skin can impede hair growth. Know that there will be an awkward and uncomfortable stage at the beginning as hair grows in.

Don't trim the hair initially for 6-8 weeks. Use that time to think about what you want your beard to look like. You can always ask your stylist or barber what would look best with your particular hair cut. Take into consideration the shape of your face. A long beard can make a full face look thinner.

Once you have a beard, make sure to keep it clean while not over shampooing as it will become dried out. But do condition it often and give it a brush after every shower to help keep it soft. Look into a good natural beard oil as well.

Besides grooming your beard, here are other tips to help your beard look its best:

- Eat your veggies! Vitamin A, C and zinc rich foods support hair growth.

- Make sure you get good, restful sleep. Stress and lack of sleep are major reasons for hair loss in men and that includes beards.

- Good blood circulation also supports hair growth. One way to do this is regular exercise which will also helps with testosterone production.

The following are a few interesting tidbits to leave you with -

It has been speculated that beard hair can impede pollen and dust particles from entering the nasal passage thereby possibly reducing allergic and asthmatic reactions.

The longest beard recorded in the Guinness World Book of Records was grown by Hans Langseth. At the time of his death in 1927, his beard measured 17’ 6"!!!

What do you call someone who shaves 50 times a day but still has a beard? A Barber!

What did Darth Vader change his name to when he became a stylist? Darth Braider


Which beard style is for you?

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