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Body Mind Spirit has reopened and as we all are aware, it is a different world. If you have read our emails about reopening, you are aware of all the protocols and steps we have taken to provide an environment that is as sanitized and safe as possible. Our motto, “Because It Matters". Influences our decisions to use as non-toxic, natural, and non-invasive products as possible in order to follow CDC guidelines. The hand sanitizer at the front desk is our blend that includes many anti-viral essential oils with germ-killing alcohol. Two Hepa air-filters with UV lights help clean the air including air-borne particulates. We are diffusing the Thieves blend of anti-viral essential oils. We have switched to touchless garbage cans and soap dispensers, have a UV cell phone cleaner, a UV wand to wave over toilets, disposable towels, and disposable pedicure bins. We are disinfecting everything with Seventh Generation wipes and Cavi wipes, and the list goes on. We feel good about all our efforts and we hope that you will too, because it matters.

Taking good care of our physical bodies is important. To keep our immune system functioning well, we take extra vitamin C. Glutathione is an essential amino acid (meaning the body cannot produce enough itself and must be taken in through diet or supplementation) necessary for the detoxification process. If our bodies are detoxifying well, then there is less stress on the immune system.

Relieving stress is also important. Many people are discovering the benefits of meditation and breathwork. Walking in nature is extremely helpful to keep us grounded and to release anxiety. We are lucky to live in an area with ample opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Self-care is a priority. And that self-care includes the services that we offer.

According to Vogue Magazine, May 2020, “people have suddenly realized how much they rely on their salons as a comforting source of self-care and community.” We want our community to know how important they are to us because it matters. Welcome back.

"(My husband) and I have been very careful to do our part to stay home and social distance. Today, after a careful evaluation of risk, I got my hair cut for the first time since February. This is the benefit of knowing your small business providers. Body Mind Spirit in Groton has gone above and beyond the COVID-19 protocols outlined by the state. While I was there, I was handed sanitizer, saw all high touch surfaces sanitized several times, was socially distanced from the few other customers in the salon, and everyone wore a mask at all times. They did temp checks and had outdoor seating to process if you so chose. I talked to Jessica Bisol before my appointment to discuss strategy to minimize my time in the salon and to maximize the possibility of having to go down on lockdown again. I know this amount of risk is not right for everyone. If you are looking for an amazing place, with stylists who respect their clients and public health, and want to support a local business, I highly recommend. Before-during-after." - Kori R.


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