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Oncology Facials - Here Now at Body Mind Spirit

In the tradition of caring for the body, mind and spirit; our salon Body Mind Spirit Salon and Day Spa is pleased to announce that we are now offering oncology facials with our esthetician Madison. Madison has gone through training with Oncology Spa Solutions and completed her certification. For many reasons, special training for oncology esthetics is extremely important for those dealing with cancer. In undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments, a person's body chemistry changes. Products that worked for them in the past may either not work or be too harsh. Madison has put together a facial package to address oncology client’s special needs. Plan on two hours for a first appointment as it includes a consultation not only to discuss your beauty concerns but also to inform Madison on your specific health situation as it can affect how your facial is performed. For example, it is important to know the location of any removed lymph nodes.

The facial itself and all it embodies will take about an hour and a half. It includes a creamy hydrating cleanse, a face massage with an anti-redness and hydrating serum, Light Stim Oncology safe red light therapy (soothing and healing to irritations caused by oncology treatments), and a Therapeutic Oat Masque. While your skin is being hydrated with the Oat Masque, you will receive a neck and shoulder massage with Calendula Oil. Calendula is a flower with a long history of being used for addressing damaged skin. After the massage, you then receive a thirty minute Reiki session. If you are not familiar with Reiki please refer to our November 2017 blog. You can find this in the blog section at Support for one's emotional and spiritual well-being is so important for those dealing with cancer. The facial is finished with protection for the skin using a calming silk coat balm and with a separate lip balm.

If you are dealing with cancer, know someone who can benefit from this or have beauty concerns as a result of treatments and would like to address those issues while being nurtured in a compassionate environment with an educated and informed esthetician, please either call for an appointment (978-449-0200) or book an appointment online at Make sure if you are still undergoing treatments to schedule your appointment 11-14 days after your therapy in consideration of your well-being.



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