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Self Care During the Holiday Season

This time of the year can be so hectic and stressful. We’d like to remind our guests that self-care can go a long way to not just surviving but thriving through the holidays. We have created an enticing winter pedicure menu for you to give yourself a treat!

Perfect for the season is our Heavenly Meltdown. This Farmhouse Fresh (FHF) intensive pedicure starts with a sweet cream salt scrub. The scrub is made with finely ground salt, rice bran oil (loaded with Vit. E) and has a sweet cream butter scent. Soften and hydrate your feet with a chocolate masque containing coca, coconut milk, honey, CQ10, live carrot cells and ginseng extract. A sweet cream lotion completes this pedicure, revitalizing the skin, readying the feet for more activity.

Choose the Starlight Mint intensive pedicure and think heavenly thoughts while soaking in the warm foot bath. The gingersnap and winter mint combination eases aches and stimulates circulation. Our own Ginger and Winter mint Sugar Scrub includes Green Moonstone gem elixir to help soothe emotional stress, which is so necessary at this time. We add the FHF Moondip lotion loaded with winter mint, apple and amber to hydrate your skin.

Rose Glow with CBD oil is now a regular on our pedicure menu. There are so many benefits to the addition of CBD oil including extra relief for those spending more time than usual preparing for the holidays. Close your eyes and fantasize about a warm, tropical evening with the heavenly scents of Ylang Ylang and Hibiscus essential oils. Let the benefits of CBD work with your other biological systems to correct imbalances.


The Peppermint Pedicure

Peppermint is revitalizing and uplifting. You'll be ready for all your guests after this refreshing pedicure. Have some hot chocolate while you are here or a Starbucks Peppermint Latte.

New this December is the Evergreen Basic Pedicure. We've combined Juniper Berries and Pine essential oils together with Green Amethyst and Aventurine gem elixirs to create a pedicure that is truly…. evergreen. Topically applied Juniper Berries essential oil is detoxifying and therefore beneficial for many skin conditions. It also shares many similar qualities with the Pine essential oil. Both are excellent for tired, sore muscles; reducing tensions; poor circulation and arthritic conditions. The Aventurine gem elixir aids in taking things in stride and increasing a zest for life. Green Amethyst (also known as Prasiolite) acts as a link between the upper and lower chakras bringing spiritual expression into our everyday life.

We liked the Evergreen combination so much that we decided to use this blend in a room energizer as our Holiday Customer Appreciation Gift. Stop in to receive a complimentary 1 oz. bottle of Evergreen, created to ignite the olfactory scents of the holiday season as well as heart-felt love and joy. Our thanks to you! Happy Holidays.

The Team at Body Mind Spirit


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