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Exfoliating Your Skin with a Peel

Body Mind Spirit is pleased to announce an additional skincare treatment service called a “Corrective Peel.” For those not familiar with peels, it is an exfoliant treatment of the face. Let us assure you that the process is not difficult. As the first step, our technician will assess your skin and recommend which of our four different peels best suits you. The four types are as follows - Sensitive Skin, Acne, Anti-aging, and Brightening. To begin, your face is cleansed, and a toner is applied to make certain any oils are removed. Oil acts as a barrier and would keep the peel from penetrating your skin properly. The length of time to process is usually only between two and seven minutes. The process is stopped by the application of a serum and is followed by a moisturizer.

Let us explain more.

The peel solution causes a controlled injury to the outer layers of the skin. This is beneficial in several ways. First, it dissolves any outer layers of dead skin. Secondly, the slight injury stimulates the skin to build new collagen. Your skin is being regenerated. As we age, the natural regeneration cycle slows down. The diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles as well as a more even skin tone, is the end result. For those struggling with acne, peels can control oil production, reduce breakouts and improve scarring. Your skin is left softer, smoother and brighter.

There are many different product lines and types of peels. We have chosen the product line, PCA Skin. We feel it is an effective, quality line that is not overly harsh and does not cause undue redness. Everyone peels differently, as everyone's skin is different. You may experience some peeling for the next few days, but there is little to no downtime after your treatment. The amount of visible peeling though, does NOT determine the effectiveness of your treatment.

Another reason to call or go online to make an appointment is that a peel can be more delicate on the skin than physical exfoliation. There is no physical tugging or pulling. You can schedule peels just like facials, every four to six weeks.

One last note, peels have a long history.

They were first introduced back in the mid 1800's!


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