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The Benefits of Paraffin

October is here and before you know it winter will be too. Don't use the excuse of not wearing sandals every day, let you get lazy about your foot care. A pedicure any time of the year is therapeutic, both for your overworked feet and as well as the mind and soul. Another service we offer, which you might not know as much about is paraffin treatments. Paraffin is a by-product of the oil purification process and has many uses besides the manufacturing of candles. Paraffin treatments use warm paraffin to coat your feet, or your hands, or both. The benefits of this treatment are many. It removes dead skin cells and softens calluses. The paraffin's emollient properties retain the oils one’s body naturally produces. This is very helpful for the moisture and thereby the elasticity of your skin.

Paraffin treatments have more to offer than just keeping your skin soft and supple. Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Osteoarthritis are all positively affected by these treatments. Because the paraffin is warm, it acts a thermotherapy relaxing muscles, increasing blood flow and reducing stiffness in joints. Toxins are flushed and fluid retention is lowered which reduces swelling.

At Body Mind Spirit we are committed to providing the best quality services. Many salons offer paraffin treatments that use bowls of warm paraffin for dipping in. Our concern over maintaining sterility utilizing that type of process is why we offer individual mitts that are not reusable. The process is started by massaging in an oil or lotion. The warmth of the paraffin opens the pores for even more effective penetration of the moisturizer. Your hand or foot is placed in a mitt which contains paraffin and forms to your limb. When the treatment is finished, the technician simply peels the mitt off and deposes of it.

The cost of a paraffin service is typically $18.00 for either your hands or your feet. For the month of October, we are reducing to $15.00 to entice you to try this wonderful service. While you are sitting in one of our chairs, please feel free to ask if you can add a paraffin treatment to your services as well.

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