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Summer is here. The weather is warm and we all flock to the water for fun and sun. That means shorts and swim suits.

It also means it is time to clean and neaten up with a waxing appointment. As an incentive, for the month of July, schedule two waxing appointments and take home a 1 oz. spray bottle of our own Skin Soother. It is Body Mind Spirit made to keep it as pure and natural as possible, gluten free too! The essential oil added is Lemongrass. This essential oil helps to kill bacterial and fungal infections and also stimulates the circulation. The delightful fragrance of Lemongrass is uplifting and can help to revive one's spirits.

In contemplating the spirit level (Body Mind Spirit) of the Skin Soother, our senior stylist Tony was asked what “quality” he would want his customers to walk away with from his chair? He immediately responded "confidence". Hence, the gem elixir Carnelian was chosen. Thank you, Tony! Everyone can use a boost to their confidence at times and the Carnelian Gem Elixir does just that. This stone vibration also lends the support of courage to move forward or to try new paths. Maybe it will help inspire a summer adventure you've always wanted but never dared.

For those who have considered waxing but haven't tried it, let’s take a moment to educate what it is about. Waxing undesired hair from the body can be done in the treatment rooms by our service providers. Body Mind Spirit uses a hard wax as opposed to the strip wax that utilizes cloth pieces to tear off the wax. Extra friction of the cloth can leave the skin more sensitive and when not done correctly, blistered. Hard wax enables a second application in order to assure a cleaned area.

Hard wax adheres to the hair better and causes less redness to the skin afterwards. Cirepil, the brand used has a simple ingredient list that features beeswax and lanolin. Not convinced yet? Go to where they advertise - "painful waxing a thing of the past". Call us 978-449-0200 or go online to schedule your appointment with Meghan or Madison and get yourself summer fun ready!


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