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Father's Day Promo and New Pedi Menu

June is a favorite month for many people.

The weather starts to be more agreeable for outside activities, children are excited that school is ending, and we celebrate Father's Day!

This year we decided to honor our Fathers with a Superhero contest. The rules are simple - in 350 words or less, tell us which superhero your father (or father-figure) is most like and how their special powers are an influence in your life.

You can enter by emailing us at or by filling in an entry form at the salon. All entries must be in by June 12th. Five entries will be picked at random and posted on our social media for you to vote on. The winner will be announced on the 16th of June. The winning super hero will receive a Sports Massage, a manly Facial, Hand and Foot Massage, a bit of grooming, a haircut and a bottle of our own Lemongrass Skin Soother (aftershave).

Some heroes don't have capes. . . they are called Dads

On another note, we will be making changes to the Summer pedicure menu in June. By popular demand, the Melissa (Lemon balm) basic pedicure is staying on the menu.

The fragrance of this scrub is beyond lovely.

Watermelon/Spearmint is another favorite coming back to the basic pedicure offering!

On the Intensive Menu, you must checkout Citrine Beach. Its foot scrub will feature a light lime scent, citrine gem elixir (known for creating abundance in your life for what you are asking,) and coconut flower essence (fitting beautifully with the beach theme, it's added as the remedy to live up to one's potential.) Soothe and soften in the included paraffin treatment and soak in the moisture with a layer of Farmhouse Fresh Citrine Beach milk body lotion this intensive is named for


Choose the summer selection of our intensive Sunflower Honeypedicure. This foot facial includes a scrub featuring raw honey! Let your cares be massaged away with the honey and cream azeztulite gem elixir (added to this luxurious treatment as it supports a positive and healthy outlook on life) and a honey heel glaze treatment with warm towels, finished with a sunflower-honey butter lotion. Yes, the glass truly is half-full.

Tell us about your superhero and pick a time this summer to be nice to your feet and toes,

"The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art."

- Leonardo da Vinci


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