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Joy for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us again. Every year at this time we show our appreciation to our customers by gifting you with a product we make ourselves. This year for our gift, we created a room spray specifically for the holiday season. We are calling it "JOY - for the holiday". We blended gem elixirs, a flower essence and peppermint essential oil to help facilitate the atmosphere of joy that we wish for you and your family as you come together to celebrate the love and the spirit of these times.

Pink Tourmaline gem elixir was included in this blend as it is one of the best at holding the vibration that allows us to soften and open our soul to bring love to others. It speaks loudly to trust in the power of love.

Thulite is another heart remedy bringing lightness to the heart as one is more able to see the goodness of the world. Thulite helps support connections between people as they are more able to find common ground by remembering their humanity.

We used an Apophylite pyramids to make the Apophylite gem elixir . These naturally occurring pyramids are lovely to behold. Many people are able to tune into the Divine joy that these stones anchor just by looking at them. They remind us to be present in the moment and to be light-hearted.

Zinnia is the only flower essence in this blend. Zinnia reminds us of what it is like to laugh and play by connecting us with our inner child. We are called by Zinnia to bring qualities of playfulness to our everyday life. The holiday season is an incredible opportunity to re-experience the world with child-like wonder.

Lastly, we added Peppermint essential oil. This oil is extremely refreshing and rejuvenating, while hopefully bringing to mind joyful memories of holidays past (candy canes anyone?) Finally, we packaged these treasures in a beautiful green bottle reminiscent of all the evergreens used for decorating this time of year. Spray your living room, dining room or whole house before your guests and family arrive to help create that festive feeling as you and yours celebrate your holiday traditions.

Pick your bottle up when you come in for your December appointment or stop by and let us wish you a happy holiday. A larger size is available to purchase for $20, it makes a wonderful host/hostess gift!

Many Blessings,

Body Mind Spirit


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