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Our Thoughts On Our New Location

On Sept. 16th we invited the public to an Open House to celebrate our new Body Mind Spirit Salon and Day Spa location. We enjoyed sharing refreshments (including a chocolate fountain, sandwiches, cookies and an open bar) on the back porch and showing off our new look with all who attended. Guests were requested to fill out entry forms for drawings that occurred every ten minutes. Prizes included gift certificates and products. It made for a very happy event which included a ribbon cutting ceremony in conjunction with the Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce.

We received many compliments! Positive feedback from our valued clients is very important and was warmly welcomed. For a different perspective, we asked the team about their perspective on the new location. We would like to share that with you.

Our “tag line” is the phrase "Because it Matters". One of the ideals that matters to us is that both our clients and the team are continually being inspired, so we asked - What makes you feel inspired about the new salon? In all the answers we received, the consistent theme was the natural and bright light as well as the openness of the space which lends to a better flow of a fresh and rejuvenated energy. One team member commented that she felt prettier and that her clients loved how their color looked even more than before. Another team member answered that the new energy inspired them to a greater level of excellence.

In looking for a new salon, the location was of great importance to us. We asked if the new location might make us more visible. The overall response was a belief that being in the “hub” of downtown Groton was a very positive move. The initial and hopefully minimal confusion of a few customers with a rear entrance was more than compensated by being next to the beautiful Groton Inn.

We asked if the styling station set up allowed for clients to better see the products that were being used during their services. Everyone agreed this was true and that it allowed for more engagement and conversation about the products. It is one of our priorities for us to educate our clients about what we choose to use and why. As one team member pointed out, she could more easily "recommend the best of the best" so that her client’s hair was and is properly taken care of.

We asked what they thought you, the clients, liked best about the new location. Across the board, answers included the atmosphere. Once again mentioning the natural light, the windows with a view, the brightness, the spacious feeling, how pretty it is and the relaxing environment as all qualities contributing to producing a pleasing space and experience. Another team member made the comment that her clients loved the new location but also appreciated that the same quality staff was there also!

This ties in with the next question. We asked what they like best about working at Body Mind Spirit. All of the team commented on how their co-workers are part of their second family and that they love coming to work. They enjoy having fun with their customers while having an impact on not only their appearance but also their confidence. These were wonderful responses that fit our objective of finding a new home!

Just for fun we asked what the team were planning to be for Halloween. Answers ranged from Cher in Clueless, to one of the Sanderson sisters in Hocus Pocus and even Kelly Clarkson. Happy October and if you celebrate Halloween we hope that it is a spooktacular one!


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