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Let's Talk Pedicures

It is summer, let's talk pedicures. One of the most obvious reasons to get a pedicure is the end result, pretty feet. However, there are many more reasons to get a pedicure than just sandal season. Pedicures are also about foot health.

Many of us spend a good amount of time on our feet each day and taking care of those feet just makes good sense. In receiving a pedicure, first your feet are soaked in warm water, then the nails are clipped, filed and the cuticles pushed back. This process helps keep the nails healthy by eliminating dirt and bacteria as well as helping to prevent inward nail growth. Next a foot file is used to gently remove calluses followed by scrubbing the feet with one of our sugar scrubs to help with exfoliating the skin. This is important not only to look and feel smooth but to also keep calluses from getting out of control which can then develop into infections or cause pain. It can also help to prevent development of bunions and corns by removing the dead skin cells. The next step is a massage with lotion. The lotion moisturizes your skin and the massage is wonderful for your circulation as well as relieving tension in general. The last step is painting your toe nails. One benefit to painting one's toe nails is to experiment with color. If you do not wear sandals to work, you can try out a color that you might not feel comfortable wearing on your hands.

What we did not talk about in our explanation of our pedicures is the menu of different choices that we offer. Our menu includes sugar scrubs and lotions which are natural and organic. Not only do they offer extra health benefits to your skin, but the aromatherapy adds a whole other level of relaxation to your pedicure. Because we are Body Mind Spirit, we add flower essences and gem elixirs to heighten the spirit of the experience. Our Spring/Summer menu includes the following choices - Lemon, Blackberry Vanilla, Grapefruit, Lavender and Watermelon Spearmint. We added a sixth choice for those who might be scent sensitive that is fragrance-free. To make this scrub more special we named it our Chakra Blend and added seven different gem elixirs, each one targeting a different chakra within the chakra system. For those who are not familiar with Chakra's, they are the 7 major centers in the subtle body which energy moves through. Blockage of energy through any of these centers is thought to cause ill-health on the spiritual, emotional and physical levels.


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