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Mothers Day Giveaway Entries

Thank you to all those who sent in entries for our Mother's Day giveaway. We expected that we would receive some heartwarming and heart wrenching stories but were not quite prepared for the depth of them!

We honestly needed a tissue box on hand just to read them. As far as choosing between them...

We came up with a fair solution to put them in a hat and draw out the semi-finalists. They were then posted on social media and it was up to you to pick the winner! The cut off for voting was May 4th and the winner was notified on May 5th .

We really appreciate the efforts made by all who took the time to enter their nominees. What a gift to know that so many selfless, caring, and strong women live in our community. We wish they all could be winners of this contest as we acknowledge that they have touched others' lives so profoundly.

The following are just samples of the stories we received.

Reasons Why My Mom Deserves A Day At The Spa

Well firstly she is a great mom. She homeschools me and my sister, she makes sure me and my family (that includes our dog) get the care we need. And makes sure we are happy. Secondly, about four years ago she had seven surgeries done to her back. And this winter she had Lyme. And this winter she had a concussion. Thirdly, she is one of the kindest and understanding people I know. And she would really enjoy a day at the spa!!!

My nomination is for an amazing young single mama who also happens to be a foster and adoptive mama. Her name is XXXXXX and she has fostered both long and short term cases. Her heart is one of gold. She loves hard and knows it's worth it. She recently adopted one of her foster children. She is six and beautiful. She's the definition of beauty from the ashes. She continues to foster a little guy who she has had almost a full two years. Thank you for considering.

I love my mom because she is funny and she is cool and loving! and she snugls with me and she brushis my hair and kssis my BooBoos. She is avery thing to me! And she clens up my massis

She moved to Boston a year and a half ago to bring her two sick children closer to Boston Hospitals. One son (3) is dying and the other is very ill. They spend at least two days a week at children's hospital and she is a full time single working mom. She put herself through law school while taking care of her sick boys. She needs something for herself. Thank you.

There were many other lovely tributes to mothers and wives including stories of women shaving their hair to support friends going through chemotherapy, single moms taking care of epileptic children, and moms with lots of energetic children to manage with very little down time. Happy Mother's Day to all!

We leave you with a few historical, inspirational quotes:

“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” - Rudyard Kipling

“A mother's arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them.” -Victor Hugo

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” -Abraham Lincoln

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