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Mother's Day Giveaway

Next month in May, we celebrate Mother's Day. This year in honor of Mother's Day, Body Mind Spirit has decided to give away a free make-over. This make-over includes a massage, a facial, lash lift, a manicure, a pedicure, make-up application, a color and a cut. Entry forms can be submitted at the salon. The form requests name, phone number, email address and a brief description of why the entrant should be picked as the recipient of the make-over. You may also email this information to

On April 27th, Body Mind Spirit will decide on 5 finalists. After that, it will be up to social media to pick the winner which will be announced on May 4th. To allow time for scheduling appointments, the reveal will be sometime before Mother's Day.

In this month's blog we thought we would discuss more in depth the make-over and exactly what it entails.

For the facial, the products that will be used are the Farmhouse Fresh line. This company is based in McKinney, TX. The company is known for being animal cruelty-free, 97% natural, vegan, gluten-free, paraben and sulphate free. The facial includes cleansers, masques and moisturizers based on the needs of the winner's skin type.

The lash lift is a process that curls and darkens your natural lashes. The tint used is vegetable based and the process will give your lashes the appearance of wearing mascara for 8-12 weeks.

For the manicure, the winner can choose a color of nail polish from the Zoya collection. The Zoya company promotes their polish as free of the top ten most toxic chemicals found in the beauty industry. The pedicure includes a choice from our menu of home-made organic sugar scrubs.

The make-up used for the make-over will be from the Youngblood product line. These products are all talc free, paraben free, animal cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free while delivering high quality make-up.

The products for the color will be Kevin Murphy. This product line is honey based with minimal non-chemical smells. The color line reduces the damage of hair coloring as it does not completely open the cuticle of the shaft of the hair.

For the cut, the styling products will be either Kevin Murphy or Loma (aloe based; paraben, sulphate and gluten-free) depending on the needs of the winner's hair design.

Lastly a massage. Who doesn't want or need a massage!?

So please show those Moms in your lives how much you appreciate them and enter them in our Mother's Day make-over giveaway. Tell us what qualities you admire in them, what self-less acts you have witnessed, what you respect about them and fill out that entry form today. We are sure to receive many touching stories and in May's blog as we celebrate Mother's Day, we may share some of the ones that moved us the most.

Go Mom power!

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