Self Care Into Winter


November 1, 2020








As the seasons are changing we thought it would be a good idea to talk about some things to help prepare for the months to come.  Winter weather in the Northeast can present many difficulties to staying healthy in body, mind and spirit.  We winterize our homes, and here are some ideas to consider incorporating into your self-care routine for winterizing yourself.


First and foremost, pay attention to your thoughts.  Every time you complain about the weather, negative thoughts are being amplified and reinforced.  Reframe your thinking to recognize what winter months offer; the opportunity to fine tune the nurturing of your body, mind and spirit.  For a refresher on positive thinking, refer back to our September 2020 blog.


Exercise.  It is common knowledge that exercise boosts the immune system.  If you can exercise outside (as simple as walking), you can also reap the benefits of connecting with nature and grounding.  Make sure to bundle up warmly when you go out!  Traditional Chinese medicine cites inadequate protection from wind exposure as a major cause in illness.


Sleep.  Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep.  Consider allowing time for more rest in the winter months.  Not only do the cold temperatures require more energy, but the additional stress of the holiday season can factor in the amount of needed restorative sleep.


Reduce your stress.  There are many ways to reduce stress; play music, meditate, yoga (counts as exercise too!), schedule a Reiki session, watch a comedy and laugh, or utilize some of our room energizers to help promote more emotional healthy qualities in your spaces.


Make certain you are getting enough Vitamin D.  Consider getting your Vitamin D levels tested.  Even if you are supplementing your Vitamin D, you may still not be getting enough or may have an absorption problem.  Sufficient Vitamin D is essential to beating the winter blues.


Wash your hands regularly.  With Covid 19, we have all been reminded how important this is to staying healthy.  Make sure that the hand sanitizer you are using is safe.  There are plenty of articles out there exposing how many commercial products have unsafe ingredients.  Try something more natural with essential oils like our own Body Mind Spirit Salon and Day Spa hand sanitizer.  Essential oils, besides being anti-microbial, have added benefits to our general health including being very uplifting.


Eat your veggies.  We all know that eating well is critical to good health.  Offset some of the physical stresses of winter cold and flu season by making sure your diet supports your health rather than detracting from it.  Cut back on sugar.  Switch from eating cooling foods like salads to root vegetables and winter squashes.  Add warming spices like ginger.


Find time to treat yourself.  Get your lashes done to look great for the holiday parties, revive your tired, cold feet with a pedicure (helps circulation), or make an appointment with one of our aestheticians to start your winter skin care routine.  Everyone needs time to be nurtured.  Our technicians understand and are committed to this concept as well as to the idea that feeling good about how you look affects your body, mind and spirit.


We hope you find these tips helpful and thank you for supporting our business.


"Winter forms our character and brings out our best." - Tom Allen


"Winter is a season of recovery and preparation." - Paul Theroux


"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy." - Anton Chekhov


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